Dibra Tourism Action Plan

Dibra Tourism Action Plan


Dibra Tourism Action Plan is a project still in process.This project consists of Marketing Solutions,Activities,Components,National and International Tourists,Thermal Baths,Atractions,Infrastructure,Ways of Transport,Archeological excavations,etc.
Below is a short introduction of the main terms.

Marketing: Creating a page on internet,Social Media should be used,Creating the National Calendar,Suggestions about the Calendar program,Documentarys related to festivals,Oda        Dibrane functioning as an institution,etc.

Activities: Different fairs,popular games and other activities.

Components: Finding attractions,infrastructure,people,marketing and activities + events.

International Tourists: Visit Dibra mostly for Hiking,Cycling,Rafting,Walking,the Virgin Nature,Diversity of Flora,Fauna,Climate and Relief but also the Traditional Kitchen.

Attractions: Different waterfalls,mountains,fields,villages,etc.

Infrastructure: Describing the road conditions and which part can be driven by car.

Archeological excavations: Denomination,Signaling Placement,Enrichment of museums with objects and information,Staff and guider for museums.

Thermal Baths Visitors: Most of the visitors are from Albania (Shkodra,Tirana,DurrĂ«s,Lushnja,Fieri,etc) with an age between 50-80 years old.They visit thermal baths for its healing abilities 
It also provides public transport,accomodation plus touristic services such as picnics,cultural visits,social activities,recreative parks,etc.