The agro-producers learn from the EU countries

The agro-producers learn from the EU countries

With the aim, transfer of experience and education for quality improvement of the fruits, the agro-producers from the regions Prespa and Korcha were part of a study visit in Slovakia and Hungary within the project “Innovative practices for environmental protection phase II” financed by the European Union.

The agro-producers from North Macedonia and Albania visited a regional association of agro-producers which provides education in Kosice, Slovakia where they had an opportunity trough practical and interactive presentation to learn new modern practices for cultivation of the trees and also transferring experiences and local traditions of the agro-producers.

In the Hungarian region Sabolch – Satmar – Bereg, the agro-producers visited a regional cooperative of agro-producers with more than 150 members focused on work with apples. The leaders of the cooperative welcomed the guests agro-producers and presented practices for protection of the trees and the apples, for correct usage of organic fertilizers, for keeping and storage of the apples, for successful placement on the local and European market, and how to organize a cooperative that will function successfully.

This study visit was very productive and educational for the agro-producers from the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania.