Tender for building of sewerage system and Waste water treatment plant

Tender for building of sewerage system and Waste water treatment plant

Center for civic initiative within the project "Prevention of risks for environmental sustainable practices for agro producers - PRESPA" as part of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme between North Maceodnia and Albania funded by the European Union, is publishing a tender for building of sewerage system and Waste water treatment plant in Municipality of Resen and Municipality of Devoll.

More information can be found in the tender dossier under the following link

Eco Club of Ymer Dishnica School

Eco Club of Ymer Dishnica School

During the period of June 2018,have been planned and implemented the following activities:

1.Ymer Dishnica School

 The Eco Clubs of Ymer Dishnica School has started intervening in the interior and exterior areas of the school.
 The main activities developed were:

a.preparing the enviroment:
The purpose of this activity was to make a beautiful yard in their school.They cleaned the territory,arranged the benches,painting gangways and yardsticks and planting 30 flower pots.

-Better enviroment  and view in schools
-Participation of pupils in the activity

2.Flower Pots for the classrooms

The purpose of this activity was to take care of the classrooms.

For the implementation of this activity:
The Eco Club took care that most of the classes were filled with flower pots.

Results of this activity:
-The students participated in planting flowers
-Beautiful classrooms
-Happy and colorful enviroment


Innovative Practices in Enviromental Protection Phase 2

Innovative Practices in Enviromental Protection Phase 2

For the situation and work done for the improvement of the weather stations situations

In frame of evaluation of the situation in three weather stations installed in field in Korca region,one was in Zvirine village introduced from our project first page,and two others supported by the ministry of agriculture and rural developement in Albania;one in Dvoran and another one in Proger villages.
We have done the visit in three weather stations
We have done the visit in the weather locaitons,gavo made the evaluation of the situatio,and hace started the reconstruction of them.We have been in contact with farmers from representative villages.
None of the weather stations was working.The reason was bad management from the agrecultural governmental institutions.Farmer's associations have information and are interested to be part of this weather staitons to help them for prognoses of the diseases through weather station datas.
Through the project we have done reparation of three stations Zvirine,Dvoran and Proger introducing new DATA SIM cards and special reparations.It will be functioning good very soon..
The forth station is covering an area of 1000 hectares in Korca region involving the municipality of Korca and Maliq.

Next step is purchasing the models for diseases from the Rimpro or Pessl instruments company.In coordination ADAD Organiztion is in a process to purchase the license for RimPRO disseases model programme.
Expanding an area of involvement with weather station information,there will be added more than 100 farmers.For all of them is neccessary to do training for using the diseases models for plant protection.In this situation we are in coordination with ADAD and Agrinet to support their trainings.

This steps will influence very much in using with effectivity the pesticides in enviromental protection as well.We are following step by step to fulfill the chain use of the weather stations and diseases models in Plant protection.We will coordinate and communicate with ADAD and Agrinet,two other organizations that are working in agriculture field in Korca region,but also with the governmental agriculture institutions.

Innovative practices in environmental protection, Cross border project between Albania and Macedonia,Phase 2

Association Center for Civic Initiative

Center for Civic Initiative (CCI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established on 24th of May 1997 in Prilep, in Republic of Macedonia. The primary goals of CCI are to facilitate the development of democracy and civil society in Macedonia, to involve citizens in education and to promote positive changes in their community and country.


CCI, as a leading CSO in the region, has developed partnership relations  with all relevant stakeholders  and has been  satisfying  citizen’s interests, contributing towards better life in the community.


CCI, in collaboration with civic society organizations, governmental organization and business sector, motivate citizens to act in the building of the civil society in the R. Macedonia and broader.


Final goal of CCI is that all citizens have equal human rights, are involved in decision-making processes and have equal access to education.

Identifying the needs of the communities in our country and in the western Balkan
region, we have structured our impact working on three main programs:
Ø Human rights and Democracy;
Ø Development of NGO Sector;
Ø Improvement of the work of the Public Administration and Local Government

What we do …

Build capacities – in the course of our work we have developed and continuing
to develop our capacities in different spheres creating a pool of experts that can
transfer the knowledge to the desired target groups.

Human rights trainings
Organizational development
Project cycle management
Conflict transformation

Consult – we are using our resources for consultations for different types of organizations providing mentoring during the development processes
Provide legal aid – considering that we are working for the community we are providing legal aid for victims of police ill-treatment
Raise awareness – we can produce change only if we can provide enough information to the community necessary to stimulate the change therefore we are
organizing different types of awareness raising activities through information sharing, education, media and children activities
Prevent – we are considering the prevention as the basis for overcoming of the problems on the path of community development. Moreover, we have dedicated a
lot of resources for prevention component in each of the specific program areas of our organization.
Develop tools and manuals – considering that learning is the main pillar of change we learn from the experiences of others and develop tools and manuals in
order to support the continuous process of learning of our target groups.
Provide services – having our capacities and experience we are providing our services to the civil society organizations in need and to the Local Self Government Units in the areas of project management and local development.

For whom we do it …
Our first priority is and has always been the community….

Children and youth


Marginalized groups

Civil society organizations (CSOs)

Public administration and Governmental institutions



Destination Management Organization

DMO was established in 2009, with support of UNWTO, ST-EP Foundation and SNV has a successful model of Destination Management. Based in Korca, DMO is working throughout Albania engages the local governments, businesses and communities in order to create real impact in sustainable economic development.

We have the experience and systems to undertake large or small-scale projects using a multi stakeholders approach. Our clients include country government, private investors, NGOs and local governments’ organizations at local and regional level.

OUR VISION is: To create and manage the destinations where the communities contribute to their own sustainable development.

Our organization reflects relationships of equity, trust and respect in which gender and cultural diversity are acknowledged and where the dignity, creativity and capacities of people take center stage.

DMO staff
support a wide range of private and public sector organizations at local, regional and national levels, developing and promoting their capacities and contributing to the sustainable development in tourism, rural economies and governance. Where possible we encourage creativity and innovation in our approach.
There is of special interest our record of proven development expertise in a wide portfolio of activities throughout the Albania. Some of our recent projects include:

· Vocational education in cooperation with Korca University
· regional development program for sustainable development of the Korca Region in a participatory approach in partnership with UNWTO and ST-EP Foundation;
· Policies development to support roma community in partnership with Handicrafts (roma women artisans) Associations;
· Conducting the Market Research and Analyses for establishing of TSA (Tourism Satellite Account) in National Level;
· Improving the Local Government’s participatory decision-making processes in Municipalities of Korça, Pogradec, Berat and Communes of Liqenas, Vithkuq, through strategic and action planning processes;
· Supporting the innovative and inclusive business, economic value chain development and a tripartite Public- Private Partnership undertaking in Korca;
· Support to local women organizations in Erseka, Korca and Pogradec;
· Better access to the international market of Albania as a tourism destination. We are currently leading a process in cooperation with Local Governments, private sector, community groups and other organization developing the tourism products, marketing and promotion.




Association of Fruit Producers Blagoj A. Kotlarovski

The Union of Associations "United Agroproducers" -  was formed on 1 December, 2004 from Agro Prespa, ZG Prespa Fruit, GGP "Eko Product", GRPJ, ZG "Delishec", as well as agricultural classes at “Car Samoil” Elementary school Resen. The association was re-registered on 7April, 2011.

General objective:

The traditional manner of production must be replaced with introduction of the principles of integral production.

Specific objectives:

-Creating conditions for the gradual establishment of the Center for Fruit-Improvement.

-Ensuring the optimal environment, economic and social development of the Municipality for the sake of the inhabitants.


Installed 7 automatic agro-meteorological stations in Resen (Grnchari) and Krani in 2005, Ezerani and Jankovec in 2007, Lovci in 2009, Gorno Dupeni in 2012 and Podmochani in 2015.

Traps with pheromones

■ Established Forecast and Alert Center.

■ Agrochemical soil analysis laboratory put into function.


Center for Forecasting and Signaling

1. Functions

- Economic function

- Environmental Protection

2. SMS message notification

- Via local web portals

- Facebook group


Project Title: Innovative practices in environmental protection phase II

IPA Component: IPA 2, Cross border cooperation: Republic of Macedonia – Republic of Albania, allocations 2014-2015.

Project duration: 24 Months, 15.11.2017- 14.10.2019

Cost of the action: 439,929.60 €

Lead applicant and co-applicants: Center for Civic Initiative (CCI) as the lead applicant and Destination Management Organization (DMO), Association of fruit producers Blagoj A. Kotlarovski and Agrinas-ER as co-applicants.

Context/background: The intervention area covers an area traversing the border area between Macedonia and Albania, with a Prespa lake Basin on Macedonian and Korce region on Albanian side of the cross border area. Due to the nature of not only the Call (cross-border) but the activities within the project, all project parties intend to maintain a holistic approach for the planning, implementation and overall management of the entire action within the intervention area. The proposal has been jointly discussed and designed between relevant actors in a collaborative and participatory manner. The project will be conducted in exactly the same collaborative and participatory way. This method of implementation of project activities will be achieved by the provision of jointly staffed teams.

In order to achieve the objectives, the project will focus on creating cross-border partnerships for environmental protection through the establishment of sustainable natural system for wastewater treatment, growth of sustainable and environmentally friendly economic activities through a pilot programme on introduction of organic farming practices on cross-border level, and increasing awareness of the opportunities to utilize agricultural and environmental assets for sustained economic growth.

Abstract (short project summary):  An estimated population within the intervention area of 30.000 people will benefit from project activities by the tackle down of the environmental improvements. In addition to the project participants, at least 200 farmers working around Prespa Lake Basin and region of Korce will be targeted by direct project interventions in the sector of sustainable agriculture. The farmers that will be included in the project will be selected according their level of interest, participation in the local associations of the farmers. Additionally, the farmers that will be included in the component of sub granting will be selected on an open call for application on the basis of extension of the orchard, proximity to lakes or rivers, farm conducted by young people or women etc. The existing two (2) agrochemical laboratories will be supported and their technical staff will be trained. Moreover, 15 schools in both of the countries will be included in the action through establishing of eco gardens and eco patrols where at least 2.000 children will be involved in educational activities and awareness campaigns. 

The 200 farmers in the cross border region have identified the need of increasing of their knowledge in effective use of fertilizers and pesticides. They are constrained by the idea that the reducing of the usage of the fertilizers and pesticides will reduce their income. The 2 agrochemical laboratories are in need of additional operating materials in order to provide appropriate services to the farmers. The children in the schools are in need of increased knowledge of sustainable management of natural resources as they are living in that region and some of them will become farmers in the future, so they will practice the used knowledge.

Final beneficiary: 30 000 people living in the Prespa lake Basin and Korce region.

Action location/s: Resen,Prespa  and Korca.

Objectives: The overall objective set for this action is to stimulate sustainable use of natural   resources for protection of the environment.

Specific objectives: 

A.            To increase the awareness for sustainable use of natural resources for protection of the environment

B.            To reduce the negative effects from usage of pesticides and fertilizers on environment


Component 1:  Coordination, management and visibility including: coordination meetings, website and visibility actions as kick off and close out conference.

 Component 2: Actions of agro producers: Installation of additional automatic agro meteorological stations and annual maintenance of existing software for processing collected data of the AM Station; Support to Agrochemical laboratories at cross-border level and designing of informative web page for dissemination of the data to promote sustainable agriculture; Trainings for the farmers for practical usage of the fertigation; Establishment of organization of agro producers in Korcha and transfer of experience from Association of agro producers Blagoj A. Kotlarovski; Piloting of the usage of the fertigation in two specific areas in the cross border region through providing of sub grants for the interested agro producers; Study analysis of the effectiveness of the usage of the fertigation on the reduction of fertilizers  and consequently the reduction of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, in the environment.

 Component 3:  Awareness rising including: Awareness rising for youth in sustainable usage of the national resources;    Introduction of composting system as technique for reduction of fertilizers and cross border exchange of practices; Study visit in EU country for understanding of the techniques for composting and fertilization.


i.              Supported actions of the agro producers for rational usage of pesticides and fertilizers for reducing of the negative effect on the environment 

ii.             Increased awareness for sustainable usage of the national resources through “no waste” practices. 

Dibra Tourism Action Plan

Dibra Tourism Action Plan


Dibra Tourism Action Plan is a project still in process.This project consists of Marketing Solutions,Activities,Components,National and International Tourists,Thermal Baths,Atractions,Infrastructure,Ways of Transport,Archeological excavations,etc.
Below is a short introduction of the main terms.

Marketing: Creating a page on internet,Social Media should be used,Creating the National Calendar,Suggestions about the Calendar program,Documentarys related to festivals,Oda        Dibrane functioning as an institution,etc.

Activities: Different fairs,popular games and other activities.

Components: Finding attractions,infrastructure,people,marketing and activities + events.

International Tourists: Visit Dibra mostly for Hiking,Cycling,Rafting,Walking,the Virgin Nature,Diversity of Flora,Fauna,Climate and Relief but also the Traditional Kitchen.

Attractions: Different waterfalls,mountains,fields,villages,etc.

Infrastructure: Describing the road conditions and which part can be driven by car.

Archeological excavations: Denomination,Signaling Placement,Enrichment of museums with objects and information,Staff and guider for museums.

Thermal Baths Visitors: Most of the visitors are from Albania (Shkodra,Tirana,Durrës,Lushnja,Fieri,etc) with an age between 50-80 years old.They visit thermal baths for its healing abilities 
It also provides public transport,accomodation plus touristic services such as picnics,cultural visits,social activities,recreative parks,etc.

The Eco-schools Network– environmental education for sustainable development

The Eco-schools Network– environmental education for sustainable development

The Eco-Schools project consists of three structural elements:
Echo Schools Clubs, 2. Eco-Schools Action plan, 3. Echo school promotion.

Active involvement of teachers is imperative. Set of trainings and environmental educational activities will be organized in all the schools (3 schools in Korca, 2 in Erseka). In every school will be established an eco-friendly garden .Echo exhibition will be organized. Promotion of the echo initiatives will be done through promotional materials, use of ICT techniques and social media.Echo schools results will be promoted through 5 Echo Fairs and promotional  The project staff will have continuous contacts with the Echo-Clubs in each school to provide guidance on the implementation, review progress together with pupils and teachers. The eco-schools Clubs conducts monthly meetings at school to assess the progress of the project and recommends the way forward.The project evaluation survey will be completed to clarify the achievement of the specific project objectives, expected results impact of the projects, effectiveness of project management, project visibility activities, and lessons learned, etc.  

The Eco-schools Network

 “The Eco-schools Network– environmental education for sustainable development”, is an one year project  - DMO in close cooperation with the Municipality of Korca and to other local community groups aims:

To achieve sustainable environmental management at local level by engaging pupils in environmental education, action oriented and networking. 
The project implementation consists in setting up, functioning and promotion of 5 Echo Clubs and 5 Echo gardens in Korca Region involving around 2500 people. Linking the Echo activities to the curriculum, educating and enabling the young generation will do important steps toward achievement of our purpose. They are the “ambassadors” of dissemination and information and awareness to our communities through their families. 

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Tourism sector in Albania and business constraints to growth

Tourism sector in Albania and business constraints to growth

The purpose of the Market System Analysis in Tourism is to look at the symptoms of underperformance at tourism business level and uncover the underlying systemic constraints to growth. In other words, to find out what keeps Albanian Tourism businesses from growing and investing in job creation? 
The study initially lays out a comprehensive overview of the current market situation, followed by an analysis of key identified challenges and strategic suggestions for facilitating solutions through the project’s interventions

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Our Projects

Our Projects

There is of special interest our record of proven development expertise in a wide portfolio of activities throughout the Albania.

Some of our recent projects include regional development program for tourism destination in partnership with UNWTO and ST-EP Foundation;

  • Innovative Practices in Environmental Protection
  • A business creative project in partnership with Handicrafts Associations;
  • Conducting the Market Research and Analyses for establishing of TSA (Tourism Satellite Account) in National Level;
  • Improving the Local Government’s participatory decision-making processes in Municipalities of Korça, Pogradec, Berat and Communes of Liqenas, Vithkuq, through strategic and action planning processes;
  • Supporting the innovative and inclusive business, economic value chain development and a tripartite Public- Private Partnership undertaking in Korca;
  • Support to local women organizations in Erseka, Korca and Pogradec;
  • Better access to the international market of Albania as a tourism destination.

We are currently leading a process in cooperation with Local Governments, Private sector, Community groups and other organization, developing the Tourism products, Marketing and Promotion.