Destination Strategy & Planning

Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Marketing Strategy development

Korca Region naturally is the competitive positioning that forms the foundation of the Korca Region marketing strategy.

Our job entailed a detailed analysis and evaluation of the current marketing strategy, market based representatives and source markets.

Based on this a market growth strategy was formulated including positioning, target markets, marketing and a phased implementation strategy with budgets and time frames.


Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Market Research and product development

Korca Region has identified tourism as vehicle for prosperity for the community and wants to strengthen cooperation between all stakeholders.

A thorough analysis was conducted of tourism trends in Korca Region supplemented by comprehensive surveys of national and international tourists and interviews with tour operators.

The research highlighted the potential and challenges facing tourism growth in Korca Region and focused on the needs of three main identified tourism markets: Domestic Market, European Market and Albanian-American Market.


Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Visitor Survey for Tourism Satellite Account in Albania

Coordination of visitor surveys in 6 pilot Regions: data collection and entry, for sustainability of Tourism Satellite account in Albania

The TSA provides an aggregate estimate of the contribution of tourism to the national economy.

DMO contributed to build sustainability of Albanian structures in relation to tourism data collection, through collecting tourism data that are reliable and not contestable and having an accepted Albanian structure that is capable of tourism data collection

The results played a key role in decision making, policy development and planning. In addition, improved data collection and analysis contributed to improved marketing and promotion through identification of source markets; quality tourism services through forecasting of tourism arrivals and behavior preferences and enhancing the economic impact of tourism through identification and reduction of leakages.


Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Hotel Management and Services Improvement

Life Gallery Hotel, is the most luxurious Hotel of Albania, where luxury meets comfort and makes the tourists stay and unforgettable experience

This project included the development of a market analyses based on visitor survey, accommodation survey and accommodation bookings system.  A market analyses has been undertaken, based on the desk and field research. The research covered the following topics: in-depth analyses of the Hotel; tourism market situation; competition; share of market; SWOT-analyses and market forecast.

The visitor survey and accommodation survey provides information regarding trip and visitor characteristics of those staying overnight in the hotel. The visitor survey conducted through interviews and also through a self-completion survey distributed in hotel rooms. This process continues throughout the project implementation in order to assess also the changes taking place over this time


Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Tourism Strategy and Action Plans development

Berat and Gjirokaster city as part of world cultural heritage (UNESCO) have a lot of potential for tourism development.

DMO provided assistance in the development of the Gjirokaster and Berat Municipality TSAPs through building an understanding of the current situation of tourism in the areas.  DMO, in cooperation with the Gjirokaster and Berat Municipalities and TSAP Committees, collected and summarized existing information on, the policies, strategies and publications representing the Gjirokaster and Berat regions.

Using the comprehensive information collected, developed the study for the purpose of planning. 


Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Tourism Strategy and Action Plans implementation

The Destination Management Organization assisted Tourism Action Committees in Kor├ža Region to implement Tourism Strategy and Action Plans. The stakeholders were systematically exposed to the stages of the Tourism Action Plan implementation process facilitated by DMO tourist specialists.

Encouraged by the results of the Tourism Action Plan implementation process, tourism services and activities improved and Korca Region is better promoted nationally and internationally.

The main market segments identified by the TAC are Family Tourists; Weekend Vacationers; Visiting Friends and Relatives; Daily Excursionists; and Transit Travellers in private vehicles


Destination Strategy & Planning

Case Study: Rural Development

The DMO approaches tourism in a sustainable and sensitive manner given the unique local culture and biodiversity.
The DMO strategy project started off with a participatory process that involves all the tourism stakeholders in a local area. Through capacity building, DMO assisted in developing stakeholder awareness about the tourism sector and its potential impact on income and employment generation.

The second phase entailed drafting a strategy for positioning the area as an outdoor and nature-based destination, with an emphasis on sustainable tourism development.
The final stage involves the all important monitoring, analysis, evaluation and revision of the action plan.